A level art student, Konstantin Zemskovas, has ambitions of becoming a fashion designer and is using his studies to create some works. He explains:

“I take my inspiration from Alexander McQueen because of his mind-blowing creations. His dresses are not like any other, he uses all sorts of materials to create something theatrical and powerful. I have created three dresses for my A level Art coursework and each connects with nature. The first dress/corset I made was made to explore “preserving life” by layering fabric on top of each other and connected with PVA glue. I then used real flowers and covered them with wax to see how long they would keep in shape. I took inspiration from crows for my second dress because of their mystical nature. I made the dress using chicken wire and duck feathers. And finally, I was inspired by the main character from the play and film ‘Miss Julie’ set in 1890’s.

I wanted to explore Miss Julie’s psychological struggles through the making of the dress, thus the garment is so ‘dark’ in a way. This time I used velvet and silk fabric as to create the dress, as well as making a bird cage out of metal to use as a bustle for the dress.”