The Michaelmas Field day has been used for the Royal Logistics Corps, Inter-house Cadet Competition for a good number of years. It is an excellent opportunity for the recruit cadets in year 10 and volunteers in years 11,12 and 13 to get stuck straight into a variety of physical and mental challenges around the school campus.

The teams were assembled with little time for practice and as such the team leaders really needed to bring their leadership A game from the start.  The event began with an inspection which was focussed on turnout.  From there the cadets from each house and two composite teams were engaged in activities.  The .22 Air Rifle range was an opportunity for some to fire for the first time and identified an number of new and upcoming shooters.  An instructional Drill competition tested the speed with which the cadets could develop a new skill.  There was a climbing tower, command tasks and equipment stand manned by the Army’s recruitment team from Bristol.  A blindfolded ‘minefield’ navigation activity requiring clear leadership to get the cadets through in one piece with electric buzzers to signal a detonation.  The Gun Run is always a good opportunity for the teams to work together and demonstrates a real need to communicate and share out roles and responsibilities when tackling complex tasks; The Houses that were most successful had clearly defined roles and competent leadership.

The day was also given over to CCF Biennial Inspection with the reviewing officer, Chief of Staff (Air Domain) Air Commodore A Sansom, taking time to tour the stands and  talk with the cadets taking part in the day.

Drill Competition winners – Mead House

Overall competition winners – Fawley House

Following the Medals Parade the Staff, Officers and NCO’s were invited to a mess dinner hosted by the Head of Corps, Chief Petty Officer, Polyanna Harris.  Air Cdre Sansom was invited to speak after dinner, telling a moving story of an Old Decanian, shot down during ww2 and his experiences of his rehabilitation in the Guinea Pig Club. CPO Harris addressed the guests asking of the NCO’s what their legacy would be as and when they leave the Corps and School in the next year.

Major Dom Evans, Officer in Command of CCF, said, “Thank you to the teams for their focus and enthusiasm during the day, the NCO’s and staff running the stands and to those visiting staff from HQ RN, the Cadet Training Team and HQ Air Cadets as well as the soldiers from the Bristol Army Recruitment Team for their support of the day.”