Dean Close was pleased to welcome gFirstLEP, for this term’s Field Day. Representatives from the Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership ran the Young Entrepreneurs Competition for the whole of the Fourth Form. The pupils were split into 14 small groups and were tasked with inventing a novel service or product to help a business with communication; such as a new technology or cyber security. The groups had to create brand new ideas, along with a marketing plan, finance strategy and a professional pitch.

Several local businesses also kindly came to support each group, providing them with a valuable insight into the corporate world and sharing business acumen. The groups worked very hard to create new and innovative ideas, ranging from ‘The Butler’, a new style of office chair, to ‘BED2O’, a new mattress designed to reduce stress for business men and women.

After lunch the competition continued with presentations. The first round of judging took place, this whittled down the 14 strong teams to just four finalists. All of the Fourth Form then gathered in the Bacon Theatre for the grand finale. With four teams in the running for a spot in the Inter-School Final at GCHQ, the final commenced. Once the groups had made their final presentations they faced challenging questions from the judging panel about their products and after much deliberation a winner was chosen.

Nathan from gFirstLEP announced that Team 14 had won, with their invention of the ‘MBB’. The Meeting Bubble Briefing is a virtual personal assistant, designed to lighten the load on busy professionals. Liv Nelson, Alice Howitt, Lucy Brookes, Vlad Petrov and Ben Stafford are all very excited to travel to GCHQ in May to represent Dean Close at the Inter-Schools Competition.

Organiser of the day, David Tomlinson, said, “The day was a superb experience for the whole of the Fourth form, and the winners are thrilled to have the chance to compete for the trophy in May.”