Luckily there was no emergency when a big red fire engine drove through the Pre-Prep School gates. Pupils were thrilled to welcome Gloucestershire Fire and Rescuewho kindly spent the morning talking about fire prevention and allowed the children to explore the fire engine, dress up in the firemen’s uniform complete with hard yellow hats, sit in the front seat of the engine and even clean some of the staff cars with the powerful fire hose.

The fireman and fire lady talked about all the equipment the fire engine
has to help with an emergency such as the ladder, the hose and the siren.
Later in the morning the children met Colin the Collie (puppet) who talked
to them about safety with matches.

The fire engine visit was part of the children’s topic about people who
help us. Mrs Atwick, Kindergarten Teacher said, “It was such an exciting
morning, the children were delighted to be able to dress up and climb
aboard a fire engine. To have a real fireman come to their school to talk
about fire safetywas very powerful and really helped the children
understand very clearly how they can stay safe.”