As part of their ‘Journeys’ topic Reception recently enjoyed a flying visit to Gloucestershire Airport. On arrival the children weregiven real boarding passes to ‘check in’ and then had to go through security.

Throughout the morning the children also visited a hangar, where they discovered lots of different aeroplanes and helicopters, including a very special ‘bi-plane’ made out of wood. They also enjoyeda wonderful view at the side of the runway to watch the planes take off and come in to land, which was fantastic but quite noisy! Finally, they had a look at the airport fire engines, of which there were three different sorts, including a yellow one that can be seen more easily in the dark. The fire fighter explained topupils about the different jobs he does at the airport, such as regular training and practises in case of a fire and moving vehicles and aeroplanes around the

Reception Teacher, Mrs Moorhouse said, “The children had a fantastic morning at the airport, it was
wonderful for them to see what goes on behind the scenes, especially seeing the number of fire
engines required to keep the airport safe. The ‘checking in’ process was fun too as many of the
children have never visited an airport before and this trip gave them a chance to see what happens
and why. It was a great adventure!”