On 12th December, a group of six air cadets visited RAF Cosford for a flying experience. We met early in the morning outside the CCF hut with high hopes and enthusiasm. We then drove to the airbase where we were met by extremely friendly flight instructors. Initially, we watched a safety video explaining what to say and how to evacuate the aircraft in case of an emergency. Our knowledge was then tested with a simulation using a demonstration cockpit chair and a parachute.

Dressed in flight suits and gloves we waited in anticipation for our turn to take to the skies. Once it was our turn we were given a parachute, sunglasses and a helmet with headphones and a microphone for communicating with the pilot. We were then escorted to the plane where we were strapped in and introduced to the pilot before any final safety checks. Once in the air, the pilot began to explain how the plane turned and the neutral position for the joystick. The pilot then explained about G-force and its effects. We  experienced up to four Gs which made us feel really heavy and then zero Gs, which simulated the feeling of zero gravity.  The pilot then performed some aerobatics, such as loop the loops and barrel rolls, which were great fun, despite one or two of us losing our lunches! The pilot then manoeuvred the plane into a safe flight position and gave us control of the plane which we had to level by gradually bringing the joystick back to the neutral position. On landing we thanked the pilot and waited for the others to finish their flight. All in all it was a fantastic experience and an excellent day, which may well lead to further exploration into flying for some of us.

Conor, Year 10