Year Two were thrilled to welcome Matthew from the ‘Falconry Display’ team to School for the morning, bringing some talented feathery friends: an Indian Eagle Owl, a Harris Hawk, a Kestrel and a Lanner Falcon!

The visit linked with Year Two’s exciting topic of ‘Flight’ this term, and so this demonstration was a wonderful way of bringing their learning to life. Pupils have been carrying out research about different birds of prey so it was exciting to meet them up close and to learn more about what and how the birds hunt, how they fly and their individual habitats.

During the display, Pippa the falcon
flew up to a tree, dramatically flying
down again to catch some food.
Some of the children had agreat
time pulling a ‘dummy’ rabbit up and
down the rugby pitch for the harris
hawk to chase, making sure they
stopped as soon as the hawk had
caught the rabbit. The Eagle Owl demonstrated its wonderful wing span when it flew silently in front of the children and they loved its very happy squawks when it was rewarded with some chicken! At the end, all the children who wanted to were lucky enough to actually hold Pippa with a falconry glove.

Year Two Teacher and Deputy Head, Mr Cowling said, “It was a fantastic experience! It was stunning to see the speed of Pippa, the Harris Hawk and wonderful to see the beauty of Bo the owl; a highlight was to be able to hold a real live bird of prey!”