Year Two were thrilled to welcome Mr Davie from ‘Falconry Display’ and his feathery friends to School as part of this term’s topic – flight.
The collection of native and foreign birds of prey included an owl, a hawk and falcons. Meeting the birds was a wonderful way of bringing their learning to life, it helped pupils understand how each species has a different style of flying. For example, how owls fly silently due to the uniquely designed edges of theirprimary feathers, they are serrated like a comb, which leads to a reduction of turbulence; whereas the Harris Hawk will use thermal air currents to soar high into the air, so they can get a good view of the ground below and any potential prey. Pupils also learnt about what and how the birds hunt and their individual habitats.

During the display Pippa the falcon swooped over the children’s heads, causing a few startled shrieks! Some of the children had a fantastic time pulling a ‘dummy’ rabbit up and down the rugby pitch for the Harris Hawk to chase, making sure they stopped as soon as the hawk had caught the rabbit. At the end, all of the children who wanted to, were lucky enough to actually hold Pippa with a falconry glove.

Year Two Teacher, Mrs Trant, said “It was a fantastic experience. It was great for the children to see the birds so closely and to have the opportunity to hold a falcon.”