It was a glamorous evening when the Sixth Form diners welcomed designer, Beatrice von Treskow, to their Francis Bacon Society Dinner.

After a delicious menu which included lobster bisque and succulent pork, Beatrice stood to give a talk about her early experiences of travel between South African, Germany and Afghanistan, explaining how these countries had influenced her career as a fashion designer. She began with a passion for design and worked her way up from shadowing a Marks and Spencer’s designer in South Africa. Now her designs are distinguished by rich fabrics, colourful patterns and hand finished embroidery which she produces as beautiful, bespokedesigns for clients all around the world, including royals and celebrities, with each of Beatrice’s coats taking one month to design and make. Her dedication and entrepreneurial creativity has allowed Beatrice to overcome the challenges of running a high quality factory aboard, as well as negotiating contacts and getting her name out into the competitive world of fashion.

Dean Close are really grateful toBeatrice for finding the time to talk to us, and inspiring any potential fashion designers, as well as anyone wanting to set up a successful business. We wish her luck in the opening of her third shop, in Berlin.