Year One and Reception enjoyed a great day out at Over Farm near Gloucester as part oftheir topicon ‘Food and Farming’.The morning started
in the milking parlour which had been converted intoa ‘classroom’, here the children learnt a little about what life is like on the farm andwere allowed to handle lots of different types of eggs:duck, hen, geese andeven anostrich egg!

During the morningpupilslooked at farm machinery and learnt how it is used on working farms.They found out how a plough turns the soil and how a harrow breaks it up ready for planting. They looked at sowing machinery and saw how pumpkin seeds are put into the ground. Everyone enjoyed looking at Monty the tractor and his friend Henry: Henry is over 150 years old! Itwas interesting to see how tractor tyres have changed over time, from metal ones early in
the last century, to rubber ones which came into use in the 1940s.

Later pupils explored the fields and found out about the wide range of crops that are grown ready for
sale in theOver Farm Market. Firstly, they walked to a field of wheat and were amazed to learn how
many foods it is used to make. Thentheylooked at rhubarb and took on the challenge of finding the
biggest rhubarbleaf. Nextthe childrensaw asparagus growing and felt the stalks to see if they were
ready for picking. Pupils thenvisted theChristmas trees which, they learnt, can take up to fifteen
years to grow big enough to be harvested for Christmas. There weremany ladybirds on the
Christmas trees which was goodas theyeat theharmful aphidsand help to keep thetrees healthy.
Finally everyone enjoyed tasting some rainbow chard before walking amongst the golden rape seed.

In the afternoonpupils had the opportunity to see the animals that live on the farm.They exploredthe chicken and duck pen and saw a hen laying an egg and chickens using their feeder to get grain. Theymet ostriches (black and white colours for the males and brown for the females) before feeding the goats. Next to the goat field lived Charlie and Shylock the ponies, together with their friends the donkeys. Later everyone enjoyed feeding old fruit to the Gloucester Old Spot pig and the two pot-bellied pigs.

To end the daythe children enjoyeda visit to the farm shop and a very bumpy tractor ride around the farm tracks! What a fabulous day packed full of foody facts and and wonderful farmyardanimals.