Students at Dean Close School, Cheltenham are celebrating GCSE success today, adding to the school community’s A Level achievements earlier this week.  In a year group of 89 students, 64% of grades were 9, 8 and 7, with 99% of grades 9-4, giving much to be proud of and opening doors for exciting next steps in each individual’s learning journey. 

Headmaster Bradley Salisbury commented,

 “This group have done exceptionally well!  In a year when it is unwise to try to compare with previous year groups or other schools, our pupils here at Dean Close have proven themselves to be equipped and ready for their next stage. They have demonstrated great knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking, creativity and original thought and, perhaps more than ever, proved that they can work independently.

 The breadth of the GCSE curriculum means that the results spreadsheet paints a detailed and textured picture. It is not unusual to see a pupil with a string of 7s, 8s and 9s accompanied by a grade 5 that may have taken more sweat and tears than all of the other grades combined.

 As a boarding and day school, we have some students who were unable to return home for nearly 12 months this year, others who have been learning remotely and whose parents’ skills will have been tested this year; whilst facing their own pressures, parents have supported their children’s education in ways that they never expected.

The challenges of the last 18 months have redefined education and learning in so many ways, it is impressive and humbling to see how our students and whole community have risen to the challenge and come through victorious; congratulations and well done!”