Today, Dean Close is celebrating its GCSE results with pupils, parents and teachers following the publication of this year’s record breaking scores. Among the 88 pupils who sat their exams this summer, the percentage of papers given a top grade (9-7 or A/A*) was a very pleasing 59% against a national average of 21%.  In addition, the number of grades below a 4 halved from that of 2018.

This is an extraordinary achievement in a broad entry school and is testament to the hard work put in by pupils, the expertise of their teachers and the sleepless nights of their parents!

More than 20% of the pupils secured 8s & 9s (A*s) in seven or more of their subjects and five pupils achieved this level in at least ten of their exams. To maintain this standard across such a wide range of disciplines is a terrific achievement.

Headmaster, Bradley Salisbury, comments: “What is particularly encouraging is the manner in which the pupils have gone about their work. Their success is partly down to the culture in the year. They were very supportive of one another, calm and focused, resilient when they needed to be and maintained the breadth of interests that will stand them in good stead in the future.

With almost all of the pupils staying on for the Sixth Form, it is exciting to see what will happen next. Those who are leaving have laid a strong foundation and are ready for the challenge of the next chapter in their schooling.”

Looking ahead to the future, it is encouraging to see that 76% of the Year 10s who took their GCSE Maths a year early achieved a the top grade 9, with 100%  gaining 9-7.

Many congratulations to all those Decanians who received their GCSE results today.