This September, Dean Close is hugely excited to host an exhibition of drawing and painting by Old Decanian, George Thomas, from 6 September to 14 October.

George tells us about his artist journey to date:

“I left Dean Close in 2013 with A Levels in History, Politics and Art and went on to do an Art Foundation course at SGS College Stroud. Whist studying in Stroud I worked as a caricature artist at the local farmers’ market where I realised the need to work under time pressure! After completing my Foundation Course I moved to London to study at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA).

LARA is an art school which focuses on training its students rigorously in traditional academic drawing and painting techniques. My passion for portraiture, figurative and highly skilled representational art (which has been with me since an early age) was my reason to study at LARA as opposed to at a university. During my time studying in London I continued to work as a caricature artist, working at events across the country. I have exhibited both figurative and Plein Air art in various exhibitions in London including on The King’s Road, Chelsea and at Candid Arts, Angel.

In 2016 I won the Tuscany Plein Air Scholarship where I spent a week painting landscapes in a villa in the Tuscan countryside. I have been on many painting adventures; these include climbing a flat top mountain on the Venezuelan-Brazilian border where I painted a watercolour using water I’d collected from a mountain stream, travelling to the Pyrenees to paint in the snow, and asking locals in Tarifa, Spain to sit for me whilst I drew their portrait. All these have furthered me to seek inspirationto create captivating and beautiful artworks.

My art is routed in the boundaries of observed light and form. Working predominately from life I seek to capture an accurate likeness of the figure, landscape or object I am depicting. I seek to capture the feelings and emotions of my subject. I design my composition to highlight the elements which bring the sentiment of the scene to life and convey these to the viewer.”

Above: George with his school artwork in 2012