Recently, Year 8 enjoyed a fun and informative Healthy Living Day,which ispart of an ongoing Wellbeing Programme to promote personal wellbeing amongst pupils and to equipthem with key life skills. Throughout the day groups of children rotated between several sessions which included: leadership skills, cycling skills, yoga or life-saving, cookery and finally discussing sex and relationships.

During leadership skills, pupils worked in teams to complete a number of challenges such as blindfolded naughts and crosses, tangled arms and even made a human bridge. Each activity was designed to test their communication, teamwork and leadership skills as well as having lots of fun!

During the cycling proficiency pupils were shown how to check the ‘health’ of their bikes and enjoyed riding around the school grounds, practising their competence at balancing and steering around tricky areas – they even went off piste for a quick visit to Forest School!

Clare Salisbury, Head of PHSCE (Personal Health, Social and Citizenship Education) who oversaw the relationship sessions said, “All of the pupils in today’s sessions are either teenagers or on the brink of turning 13.
At this stagein their livesit is so importantthat they learn how to identify and nurture healthy relationships. School is a great environment for them to explore these sometimes challenging areas, here they can share their
concerns or questions in a safe and secure environment, without too much embarrassment.”

After swimming, cooking, cycling and bridge building some gentle yoga provided a time to
take stock and contemplate the day’s activities. Yoga teacher, Oliva Duffin explained, “Yoga
is a great way to take a step back from our daily busyness, using breathing techniques and
positive affirmations such as, ‘I am grounded, I am strong’, to create a positive mind-set.
Pupils can now try some of the positions they learnt at home; just ten minutes a day can
promote calmness, clear thinking and improve suppleness, all of which are useful resources
during a busy school day. ”

Pupil, Charlie Currie said, “This is my first Healthy Living Day, I am new to Dean Close. It
was a great opportunity to, not only get to know my new classmates and have fun, but to
also learn some useful skills. Being able to change a tyre by myself on my own bike and
make my own healthy snack (flapjack) has certainly helped me to feel more capable
and independent, I had a great day!.”