Year 7 had a great day learning some key life skills when it was their turn to enjoy a Healthy Living Day. Throughout the day pupils split into groups and rotated between team building, cookery, learning about puberty, First Aid, mindfulness and study skills.

Healthy Living Day is part of an ongoing Preparatory School Wellbeing Programme to promote personal wellbeing amongst pupils. During the team building session pupils had to work together to turn a tarpaulin whilst standing on it, create a human bridge, de-tangle their arms and complete the plank challenge – transporting the whole team from one side of the covered play area to the other without touching the ground,  using only ropes and planks.

The fire safety session was hosted by a local fireman, during which the children learnt about the different types of fire that can occur and which extinguisher is most appropriate to use in each situation. In the First Aid session the children learnt some tips on how to keep themselves safe with simple techniques such as having useful emergency information on their mobiles.

Sarah Davies, Head of PHSCE (Personal Health, Social and Citizenship Education) who led the Mindfulness sessions explained, “Healthy Living Days are a wonderful way to give the children the chance to immerse themselves in learning some important life skills. The feedback from the pupils was extraordinarily positive,  I have included some of their comments below:”

Fire: “…fun, informative and interesting. Now I know what the different extinguishers are for!”
Puberty: “It really helped as now I know what my body is going through and why sometimes I get stroppy with my Mum!’’
Team Building: “It was really good fun and got us working as a team, even with practically no fuss and considering boys had to hold hands with girls, that was impressive!’”
Mindfulness: ” The perfect end to the day; I absolutely loved it when we got to lie down and listen to the relaxing music, I felt so calm.  I think mindfulness is really important.”
First Aid: “It taught me alot about what to do in an emergency.”
Cookery: “Thank you for teaching me how to make a super soup and something I could make for my Mum.”
Study Skills: ‘”I know so much more about myself and how I learn.”

Attached is a document with information about useful websites, encouraging mindfulness.