On a sumptuously warm English Sunday afternoon, the Boarders headed to historic Sudeley Castle (the former home of Henry VIII’s last wife, Katherine Parr) for the treat of the term – Giffords Circus. As soon as the band struck up, the new big top came alive with colour, dancing, music and laughter. Acrobats performed brain-boggling juggling; tumbling, spinning, twisting and turning, all before landing in a seat on the top of a pole. As if that wasn’t enough, their act reached even greater heights when they balanced on a high ladder, which itself was balanced on the soles of a performer’s feet! Tweedy, the very famous clown was also flying high as he took to the trapeze, which was very exciting.

In wonderful circus tradition the audience were also entertained by the talented ponies, poultry and of course the lovely, lovely dogs. Pupil, Sophie Willsher said, “I loved the Dachshunds the best, it was incredible how they managed to do so many tricks, whilst not getting distracted by each other and the crowd, they were so tiny!”

Running away to the circus has never been more tempting, but thankfully everyone was happy to jump on the minibus when it was time for tea!