Giving Day

Friday 7 May 2021

ENLIGHTENED THINKING – The Dean Close Foundation is aiming to develop a Maths, Business and Economics Centre to encourage entrepreneurship and commercial thinking for students from schools in Cheltenham.

In a rapidly changing world, these subjects are more important than ever, to prepare students for financial literacy in life beyond school.

We are on the final push to reach £200,000.

DREAM TO REALITY – The Dean Close Foundation needs £1.3M and so far, we have raised £1.1M (mainly through pioneer donors), so we can start building work to make this dream a reality. Help us finish this and enable thousands of students across Cheltenham to explore these exciting and fundamental subjects, and have the opportunity to embrace innovation.

Studying Business at Dean Close gave me the solid foundations upon which to build my future in this profession.

BELIEVE IN US? – If you want to support us today, to show your belief in our tomorrow, please consider one of the options below and click on the Virgin Money Giving donate button below. We are so grateful for your support. For further information or if you have any questions please contact David Evans (Director of External Relations) or call 01242 267 446.