On the 7th November 2018, professional storyteller Mike James came to the library to tell Fourth Formers some gothic tales, many of which were true stories. As we entered the candlelit library we felt a sudden sense of spookiness. After being warmly welcomed with a cup of hot chocolate, brownies and donuts, we took a seat, and Mike began telling us some local myths, legends and ghostly tales. Mike’s stories were spine-tingling; my skin was covered in goosebumps! The eerie atmosphere in the room was outstanding – very well done to the staff who decorated as it was a very good touch. Mike James was amazing, and after each story he blew out a candle so the room grew darker as the night went on. Overall, I think the experience was great and I would definitely recommend it for those who love a horror story. It will also help with our English studies as we are writing gothic stories and studying The Woman in Black.

Ella – Fourth Form