Dressed as aliens, astronauts, stars and even a black hole, Year Two recently enjoyed an out of this world Space Wow Day. Pupils became fully immersed in this term’s topic by creating inter-galactic Space passports, venturing on a Space information scavenger hunt, singing space songs and learning French space vocabulary.

Amidst amazing classrooms decorated with planets and stars the children started their day by working on their Space passports complete with their very own passport photograph! They then had the opportunity to make Space masks and split-pin aliens.  In their Space journals they wrote a list of 18 Space questions for the Scavenger Hunt which took place at the Prep School. During the Scavenger Hunt they had to look for answers to questions such as: Which are the gas planets? Name all of Mars’ moons and Which is the coldest planet?

Earlier in the day pupils enjoyed a Space singing lesson at the Prep School, confidently singing Ground Control to Major Tom, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The day ended with a Space French lesson; do you know what the following mean:  une planet; une étoile; le Soleil; la Lune; géants de la glace ?