This week, Dean Close School is challenging festival-goers to eat bugs at their Science Festival Discover Zone stand. Based on this year’s theme of Health and Wellbeing, the School decided to examine ‘Food for the Future’ which will need to change due to the damaging environmental impact of food production and the explosive population growth forecasts. The exhibition stand explores the cost to the environment of modern food production and how other sources of food may be more emission efficient and better alternatives for the future.

One solution is the farming and consumption of insects which use little energy in their production.  In fact, already 2.5 billion people eat insects around the globe. On the Dean Close stand, participants are encouraged to have a go at the Dean Close Bushtucker Trial…if they are brave enough… by spinning the wheel to see which type of critter they should eat: mealworms, crickets, locusts or buffalo worms.  The School is also putting taste buds to the test with a chocolate tasting challenge where participants need to work out the difference between diary and vegan chocolate.

Dean Close Headmaster, Bradley Salisbury, said “At Dean Close School we are mindful of our environmental impact and are always looking to improve and reduce our carbon footprint. This year’s Science Festival theme is very fitting as we have recently initiated ‘Meat Free Mondays’ and set up our very first environmental committee”.