Earlier this term Year 5 enjoyed a fascinating trip to Worcester Commandery, famous for being the Royalist Headquarters during the deciding battle of the English Civil War – the Battle of Worcester, 1651.

Pupils had awonderful day learning about the English Civil War, the Stuarts and the Battle of Worcester. Throughout the morning pupils attended a series of workshops, starting with the ‘Baggage Train’, pupils learnt thatthis was the name given to thepeople who followed and supported the army. They then learnt about Cannons and Pike Drills in which the guide explained about some of the army formations the soldiers would have fought in. In the third workshop pupils learnt about the different uniforms soldiers would have worn depending on their roles; Musketteers, Pike men and Calvary soldiers, the children even tried some of the uniforms on! They also found out about the weapons the menwould have used including how to load a canon.

Finally they learnt about the Battle of
Worcester which took place on 3rd September
1651. They discovered that it was the final
battle of theEnglish Civil War, where Oliver
Cromwell’s 28,000 strong army, defeated King
Charles II’s 16,000 Royalists, the last stages
of the battle taking place on nearby Fort Royal

Pupil, Henry Swan enthused, “I really enjoyed
learning about the final battlewhen Charles II
fled to France and Worcesterwas beaten by

Olivia Thomas went on to explain, “I enjoyed
being the fire master and learning how to
command the firing of a cannon. We managed
to load the cannon, ready to fire, in 1 min 5

Year 5 Teacher, Mrs Ridsdale said, “It was a super day out that was filled full of historical facts that brought the Stuart period and the Civil War to life.”