Healthy Living Day is part of an ongoing Preparatory School Wellbeing Programme to promote personal wellbeing and to equip pupils with key life skills. Recently, pupils enjoyed the second Healthy Living Day in the series,rotatingbetween four sessions, which included: leadership skills, cycling and bicycle maintenance, study skills, cookery and body image.

During leadership skills, pupils worked in teams to complete a number of challenges such as the plank race, the tower building challenge, using a slack line and making a twig fence. Each activity was designed to test their communication, team work and leadership skills.

Cycling is a great way to stay healthy and active but does require a bicycle that is in good working order! Pupils took responsibility for their own bicycles, learning how to change a tyre and mend a puncture before enjoying
some fun cycling races and challenges.

Claire Salisbury, Head of PHSCE
(Personal Health, Social and Citizenship Education)ledthe body image sessions and
explained, “Body image amongst young people is
currentlyabig focus in the media. During today’s session pupils learnt about how
images used by themedia are often manipulated and not always realistic. The aim was
to give pupils confidencein themselves and celebrate who they are as individuals.”

Later in the day pupils also learnt how to make a healthy snack. They thoroughly
enjoyed makingapricot flapjacks which are high in fibre, vitamin c and slow release

Learning about all the different food groups, why they are important and how to include them in their diet will help the children make informed choices about what they eat and why.

“Traditionally the Summer Term is when exams take place.” explained teacher, Jo Cahill, who was leading the Study Skills session. “A lot of exam anxiety can be alleviated with good preparation. Today we looked at ways to plan, organise and implement effective study habits for revision to help pupils achieve positive exam success, whilst minimising stress levels.”

Pupil, Mimi Gleason said, “I had a brilliant day, I feel really quite confident about my summer exams; the tips were useful, revising can be a lot of fun – I am quite looking forward to it now. My favourite part of the day was making the apricot flapjack; now that I have the recipe and am going to make some at home to enjoy when I am revising.”