Recently Year 8 enjoyed a very informative Healthy Living Day as part of the School’s PSHCE (Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education) provision. Throughout the day pupils participated in a carousel of four separate sessions: Sex and Relationship Education, Communication Skills, Annamotion Fitness and Cookery.

Throughout the Communication Skills sessions pupils learnt the difference between communicating in formal and informal situations. The importance of eye contact, body language, confidence and a firm handshake in a formal situation and how to listen and empathise to friends or family members in an informal situation. They role-played different scenarios and had the opportunity to experience how it felt when they were both positive and negative in their interactions.

During the Sex Education and Relationship session pupils learnt about the importance of successful communication in a relationship.   They learnt about the dangers of inappropriate material that is available online and how damaging it can be. They also discussed sexting and other sensitive matters. The children were then given the opportunity to ask questions anonymously, allowing them to learn a little more on what can sometimes be a delicate topic.

Sarah Davies, Head of PSHCE commented, “Our Healthy Living Days are so important, the idea is to promote personal wellbeing and to equip pupils with key life skills. Learning how to communicate effectively can make the difference between a positive job interview later on in life, or being able to empathise with others and read body language which can help children navigate social situations more successfully.”

The fitness session involved great team spirit as the pupils encouraged each other to meet targets and do their best.  An afternoon spent cooking was bound to be fun, the children came back proud owners of very professional looking pizza boxes complete with a healthy homemade pizza.  Being able to make a healthy snack is one of many small steps to help children feel more independent.