Year 8 recently enjoyed a blustery day of mixed activities, indoor and outdoor, both physical and cerebral, with the theme of ‘relationships’, as part of their Healthy Living programme.  Areas covered included team building, fun fitness, You & Your Phone, Reading between the Lines and a more general discussion around relationships.

Pupils started the day with an introductory talk on the age of consent and the importance of trust and respect in a relationship (this will be followed up by a Code of Honour drawn up together in PSHCE sessions).  Their anonymous questions taken in class were then answered, with any follow-up queries to be covered in future lessons.

Reading Between the Lines was a fascinating study in interpreting people’s emotions by watching their physical behaviour, and You and Your Phone reminded them of the BBC app OWNIT, which can alert them to any angry or upset language with advice and the offer of helplines.

Fun Fitness and Team Building provided the all-important fresh air and exercise break pupils needed in between the more brain-straining sessions.  They all got really involved in the day, gained a clear understanding of the main messages and are already looking forward to their next Healthy Living day in a few months’ time!