Healthy Living Day is part of an ongoing Preparatory School Wellbeing Programme to promote personal wellbeing and to equip pupils with key life skills. Our latest Healthy living day was specifically targeted to our Year 8 pupils, to help them cope with the stresses and anxieties that life may bring as they mature into young adults.

Year 8 arrived at the start of the day with lots and lots of questions and interest in our theme of Sexual Health and Consent.  Dr.Jennie Gough set out so clearly but clinically exactly what was required by law when it came to sexual relationships but also how to protect ourselves, and recognise a healthy living relationship as opposed to an unhealthy relationship.  Anonymous questions on slips of paper led to a really rewarding discussion in separate sex groups on what it means to have a romantic relationship, the enjoyment that’s involved but also the responsibility it brings.

We then went on to a series of four, fun packed sessions on: mindfulness with some brain experiments; fitness with some fantastic reminders on how to look after our bodies; digital resilience and how to avoid being trapped in unsafe behaviour on line and finally a visit from Fiona, our local police officer, talking about the exploitation of children by drug dealers.

Asked which was their favourite, one pupil replied with a long pause: ‘I…… I just don’t know!’ with a big grin!