Year 7 were very lucky the weather held for their recent Healthy Living Day. The pupils spent the day
rotating between four sessions; cooking a healthy snack, discussing body image, First Aid, camping skills
(pitching a tent and cooking on Trangia Stove) and team building skills in Forest School.

During the camping session children experienced several camping design classics – the Vango Force
10 tent and the Swedish Trangia stove. Pupils discussed factors to consider when choosing the best
campsite, for example how wind direction might affect their choice of orientation, how flat the ground was
and the position of nearby trees and hedges. They then enjoyed a problem solving activity of how to
actually put up a tent; it was great to observe the teamwork involved as everyone had a go. After a great
deal of physical activity the children were rewarded with a hot chocolate, which they had to make
themselves by boiling water on the stove. The tents were then carefully taken down and packed away
and the session ended with some campsite classics – French boules (or Petanque!).

During the body image session, Mrs C. Salisbury, Head of PSHCE,
spoke to the pupils about facts andfigures concerning the way in
which young people are affected by body image issues. They alsodiscussed the media’s role in falsely shaping people’s views about their physical appearance and the importance of developing good self-esteem. The session was based on the Dove Confident Me programme, designed for educating young people.

In the First Aid session, Mr J Harris used the St. John’s Ambulance ‘Big First Aid Lesson’ to talk about how to treat burns and the procedure to follow if someone is choking. The children also learnt how to conduct a primary survey of an accident scene and how to put a casualty in the recovery position.