OD, Emma Brown, left Dean Close in 2007 and is about to embark on a life-changing charity programme to India in 2015. She has been offered a place on a programme called International Citizen’s Service that is set up and funded by the UK government.

Emma will be volunteering with a charity calledRestless Development in India. Restless is an organisation all aboutyouth-leddevelopment and empowering young people to create social change in some of the world’s poorest communities. Here is a good YouTube clip about what the charity sets out to do.

During her placement she will be a Team Leader for a group of volunteers working on the east coast of Tamil Nadu, South India. The projects will broadly centre around working in local schools and communities to promote livelihood and employment, for examplerunning health awareness sessions and teaching English and computer skills.

Emma would love it if you could please support her by simply clicking here and following the instructions.