To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, a number of our Sixth Form Historians watched a livestreamed testimonial from Janine Webber, a Holocaust survivor. Janine was about nine years old when the Second World War began, and as a young Polish Jew she lived through and experienced some of the atrocities committed during the Nazi occupation. Her very moving and frequently harrowing account of the privations that she and her family faced, including the increasing levels of intolerance and violence, the killing of her father and brother and the death through illness of her mother, her experiences living in the ghetto and even an entire year spent living underground in hiding, provided an extraordinary insight into the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of one of its survivors. It was a genuine privilege to be able to listen to her account, and particularly as the opportunity to hear first-hand testimony from Holocaust survivors will not always be with us. The testimonial provided a powerful account of what happens when intolerance and hatred is allowed to grow, and in a world where both seem to be on the rise, it delivered an important contemporary message for our pupils.