A cast and crew of 120 strong
delivered an outstanding
performance of the challenging
musical by Stiles and Drew, Honk!
Based on the story of the Ugly
Duckling this fun-filled, action packed
production featured a singing
bullfrog, a sly pussy cat, four very
naughty ducklings and the very
endearing Ugly Duckling.

Staged beautifully, with ingenious touches such as yellow umbrellas to represent duck eggs, bright yellow washing up gloves to mimic duck feet, a gale of leaves on the farmyard and falling feathers, the play followed the story of a little ‘duckling’ who is very different from his brothers and sisters. After being ridiculed for his appearance, Honk is lured away by a French feline who plans to enjoy eating him for supper. Honk quickly gets lost and the audience follow him on both a physical and emotional journey as he tries to find his way home.

The production highlights many issues children face today around bullying, being different, brand consumerism and the pressure from social media to be perfect in all areas of life. To explore these issues further the School dedicated an entire week to the theme of ‘Dare to be different’ after one of the songs in the play. On each day pupils were asked to consider concepts such as celebrating who you are, trying something different, being an individual and being the very best version of yourself you can be.

Lynne Lawrence, Head of Drama commented, “What a week! I have seen the children try some extraordinary things over the last few days, but perhaps most extraordinary is how each and every child has performed in this very challenging play. Both the music and script are very complicated, synchronising the spoken word with the underscoring of the music is extremely tricky, and to do this well requires a professional standard of timing – they were all brilliant!”

Year 8 pupil, Lucy, said, “I loved being Ugly. Whilst it wasn’t very nice when everyone was being unkind, I learnt a great deal about how important it is that we are all different and that everyone has something to offer. I also loved all the singing and working with my friend Niamh, who played my mum; she was brilliant.”