It has been a really busy week in the pool this week with each year group taking part in their house swimming gala.  All pupils in year 3-6 have had the chance to swim for their house. Times have been recorded and points have been awarded based on their position in the year. These will be averaged out and a the house trophy will be awarded at the start of next term. We have been really impressed with the standard of swimming and the effort pupils have made for their house regardless of ability.
The year 7 and 8 pupils have competed in a more traditional gala with teams selected by the pupils. Once again it has been good seeing the swim team show what they can do but also to see those who step up and do their best because the house needs them.  I look forward to sharing the results with everyone once we have announced it to the pupils at the start of next term.

Well done to everyone that took park.


Mr Sutherland.