This year DCPS has been exploring the world of Cyber Security, earlier in the year, the School hosted a CyberFirst event and more recently invited Amy, an NCSC (National Computer Security Center) Technical Specialist, to speak at the termly talks@ event. The aim of Amy’s talk was to demonstrate that everything we do with the internet will have an impact on future careers, knowing a little Computer Science will be a long term enabler for young people and to encourage more children to study STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session in which Amy demonstrated how the internet works using the audience as the web and individual pupils to send and receive messages. She explained the importance of locking secret messages and showed the children the padlock symbol in the browser bar of a webpage; if the symbol is there it means the site is security protected and it is safe to put private information in, for example address and bank details. If a padlock symbol isn’t present it means the site is not secure.

Amy then asked the pupils to describe some of the jobs their parents do and asked them to explain how Computer Science helps in their working environment. She then demonstrated how much technology has advanced, for example in surgery. A surgeon can now perform complicated surgery remotely, using robotics, even from a different country from the patient.

Finally, pupils watched a powerful and amusing film about what the world would be like without technology. Throughout the film children asked questions such as, How can I watch episodes of a favourite series, back to back, without YouTube or Netflix?, How can I talk to friends whenever and wherever I wantwithout a mobile phone?, How can I read Shakespeare’s entire works for an English assignment without reading every single title? It was enlightening to see how important Computer Science is in our everyday lives and if children are not inspired to study these subjects, the effect this will have on the progression of technology.