…try, try, try again! At Pre-Prep this term we have been focusing on the importance of perseverance in learning and the enjoyment of ‘having a go’! This is one of our Pre-Prep important learning ‘attitudes’ and one which is vital for children to learn as they grow up. We have been practising reciting this saying ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try, try, try again’ to underline this and I have been delighted to hear some children referring to it in class!

It helps children to realise that it is normal to make mistakes and learn from them, and encourages them to be happy to keep trying – an important factor in learning a new skill and in all good scientific discoveries and inventions! Children are naturally very good at this – think about how they learn to crawl, walk and to ride a bike – and so we need to be careful to continually encourage this attitude as they get older and start to learn new skills in school. As well as praising the end product when children succeed in a task, it is vital to praise the process so that they know that trying and getting things wrong is all part of the final success.

As part of this, one of my challenges of the week this term was having a go and trying something new. It was wonderful to see the results of this as children brought in their challenge sheets complete with photos and pictures.Theseincluded trying camping, cantering on a horse, writing and singing a song, riding a bike without stabilisers and making a new Lego model! Well done toall of you!