‘Imagine if…’ was thethemefor this year’s wonderfulWorldBook Day. All the pupils went on an exciting ‘magic carpet ride’ in the hall, swooping over many different scenes, towns and countryside. This amazing experience led to somecreative stories about pupils’ magic carpet rides – usingsome veryimaginative ideas!

There were lots of other exciting activities in classes, and many chose to take the 20 question book quizzes that were up around the School, with some very knowledgeable children gaining prizes at the end of the day!

The children were also delighted that author, Lottie
Prentice, came in to visitand read her new book, ‘Night,
night my little tiger’.The book is all about a little boy
who becomes a tiger in his dreams, whichfitted in
perfectly with our theme of imagination. At the end of
thestory Lottie explained how she thinks of ideas and
writes the stories. Lots of the children thought they
wouldlike to use their imaginations and become authors
whenthey grow up!

In the afternoonthe children read to theirbuddies, including someolder Prep School pupils who cameto read with Year Two. It was the perfect end to a busy day, imagination packed day!