Towards the end of the Lent Term parents, friends and grandparents were warmly welcomed into School to hear some lovely pieces of music at the second Informal Concert of the term. 14 children performed individually, from those who have just started their musical careers to children who have been learning for several years.

Adelightedaudience were entertained withperformanceson the piano, violin and cello and even a cello duet as one Year Two pupil playedalongside his teacher!Everyone enjoyed listening to some well-known pieces such as ‘Kumbaya’, ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and ‘Minuet’as well as somesuper new pieces such as ‘Afloat’.

Throughout the concert the children performed
with great poise andenjoyment.It was a super
occasion for the children to showhow much
progressthey have made in front offamily and
Pre-Prep friends. Well done to allthe fantastic
performers and special thanks to theCarducci
Quartet and music teachers for all their
support and wonderful encouragement of music-
making in our school.