On Tuesday 28th November Dean Close welcomed two leading City-based finance professionals, Paul Godfrey and Fred Ward, who came in to share with Fifth and Sixth form pupils their wealth of knowledge and experience of working in the City and in the global financial markets.

The City, as London’s financial centre is known, is the world’s biggest international banking and foreign exchange market, shaping the development of global capital.

Morning workshops allowed pupils to make artificial investments in the markets to see whether they had the insight into whether stocks would go up or down in value. Later, over lunch, Mr Godfrey and Mr Ward explored investment analysis and strategies, multinational mergers pulled straight from the headlines, and opportunities and tips for pursuing a career in a huge range of City-based occupations such as economics, finance, law, banking, accountancy and management. In an interactive session, participants were asked to consider how they would judge the current bid by 21st Century Fox to buy the remaining shares of Sky. They demonstrated through all their examples that although a basic knowledge of Maths is necessary, the greater levels of skill come from judgement, quick-thinking and problem-solving.

Headmaster, Bradley Salisbury, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain both a real-world understanding of high level finance as well as an insight into possible career development.”