Pupils enjoyed a magical day when full-time Gloucestershire-based illusionist and member of the Magic Circle, Richard Parsons, spent a day demonstrating his impressive sleight of hand and close-up ‘magic’.

Throughout the day Mr Parsons held workshops with each of the form groups, showing pupils his skills of illusion as well as giving them tips about concentration, practising a hobby, paying attention to detail and how to perform some simple tricks.

Each year group spent some time watching him magically appear and disappear little red balls – turn them into lemons and limes, vanish entire packs of cards from children’s hands and bend cutlery Uri Geller style. “My favourite trick was materialising the lemon and the lime!” said Alicia, aged 10, “How he managed to create them from no-where was amazing. I was watching really, really closely as Mr Parsons performed the trick several times and I still have no idea how he did it!”

In the afternoon parents also enjoyed some close-up magic, one parent said, “Bending the cutlery was incredible. Mr Parsons asked a guest to write their name on it, so there was no way it could have been swapped for another fork, I am still puzzling as to how it was done.”

It was a fascinating afternoon and insight into the life of a professional entertainer, enjoyed by children, staff and parents.