The first of many school adventures was enjoyed by Year 6 on their recent visit to Bristol Zoo. Currently in Biology, pupils are studying ‘Variation and Classification’. Throughout the day they had the perfect opportunity to observe a wide variety of species and categorise them according to their characteristics.

During the classroom session pupils set about categorising different organisms and were given the opportunity to discuss the features of various vertebrate groups. They learnt that there are estimated to be between 3 and 30 million species on the planet, from this pupils deducted that if there were 10 million species and we were able to look at 100 per day it would take 274 years to look at all the species on Earth!

Fun Facts pupils learnt:
“I learnt that you can help a snake to shed its skin by using hot water.” said Rosie Thomas.
“I learnt that Golden Lion Tamarins have a special call for when they are distressed,” said Izzy Beaumont-Cleworth.
“Meerkats have different calls for different predators,” explained Thomas Ridsdale
“Ring tailed lemurs are led by females” and ‘dead animals cannot transport between countries'” said Alex Ristic.

Pupils’ favourite residents were the gorillas, where a considerable amount of time was spent observing their interactions, habits and mannerisms. One of the younger gorilla’s favourite games was to pinch the baby from its mother and enjoy a game of chase!

Of particular interest were the zoo’s ethics; everyone was pleased to learn that many of the exhibits highlighted the fact that the zoo supports projects around the world, particularly helping to sustain species’ numbers in the wild.