I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are now up and running for the new term. It has been a busy start with the annual Poetry Competition and the House Music Competitions both taking place before half term. Also coming up is the Drama, Music, Art , Design and Technology, Sport and Academic 13+ Scholarships for the Year 8s, good luck to all those taking part. In addition, everyone is excited about the house swimming gala, whether they are swimming or spectating it’s a great opportunity for pupils to encourage each other with some loud cheering! The year 7s have had a busy two weeks with their Healthy Living Day last Thursday and a trip to Warwick Castle. From what I hear pupils enjoyed some brilliant team building activities on their Healthy Living Day, such as the plank challenge, as well as making a delicious warming soup in the cookery school. Looking towards the weekend, I hope you all have a relaxing exeat.