This year we celebrated our Harvest Festival with a virtual performance.  Our theme was ‘It’s Harvest Time!’ and the children enjoyed performing their class, ready to film for the parents!  All the children took part with great enthusiasm from Kittens singing, ‘Driving my Tractor’ right up to Year Two with their song ‘Easy Peasy Harvest’ – where children had to find the vegetables hidden cleverly in the song words.

During the presentation, Year Twos explained how our charity, ‘Christian Aid’   supports families in need across the world, in particular with farming techniques and seed that will help communities bring in a better Harvest.  We were absolutely thrilled that many of you had already donated online to help children and their families across the world.  Thank you so much for your support and generosity – we have collected an amazing £637.00!


Well done to all the children for such a super presentation and a big thank you to parents, family and friends for their support of this worthy cause.