The Junior Forms’ production of Jane Eyre saw eighty pupils from years 9 -11 take on one of the greatest novels of all time in a dazzling production of gothic gloom and romance. As the eponymous Jane, Sydney Davies demonstrated a sophisticated talent in portraying Jane’s developing character from a miserable childhood to the happier times of her life at Thornfield Hall, and her relationship with Mr Rochester. As Rochester, Jack Coombs gave an emotionally truthful and multi-faceted Mr Rochester: at times saturnine and taciturn, at others, amused and playful.

The show had excellent support from the wider cast, with particular credit to Grace Greaves (Mrs Fairfax), Ben Crossley (Mason), Lily Talbot (Mrs Rochester), Ethan Bareham (St John), Beth Ellison (Blanche Ingram) and Josh Brooks (Brocklehurst).