Earlier this week, pupils in years 5 and 6 and our art scholars were thrilled to welcomeinternationalartist and photographer, Jacob Sutton, to their art classes.Jacob’s visit was a fantastic opportunity for the children, as he has a wealth of experience in the art and media world, both here in the UK and overseas.

During each Portrait Masterclass pupils watched a short filmabout his charcoal portrait drawings from Afghanistan andRussia, including photographsof himgiving a masterclass in a Russian school. Pupils then learnt new skills and techniques by watching him draw a charcoal portrait of a pupil he had chosen. Once he had finished, pupils were given the chance to draw each other, using Jacob’s techniques, taking it in turns to be model and artist.

Jacob explained.“I have been giving Portrait Masterclasses for over 20 years at schools in the UK and in Russia, Switzerland and Afghanistan. It’s so rewarding to watch the children’s skills develop in such a short space of time. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively,sometimesdrawing under immense pressure, which has helped me developskills that meanI cancapturea moment quickly. It isa pleasure to pass some of my experienceson totheseyoung artists.”

Martha Ford, Yr5 said, “I really enjoyed being a model for Jacob. I found it really interesting to see how he drew and the stages it took to draw a portrait. It didn’t take long to do a wonderful drawing!”

Head of Art, Lucy Sutherland went on to say, “It was a real privilege having Jacob Sutton with us and it was incredible to watch him work so quickly using a variety of techniques. The children loved the experience of learning how to do quick portraits of each other and also enjoyed being models!”

Jacob Sutton is an accomplished artist and photographerwith an impressive portfolio. He hastaken his “Making it happen in the Art Media and Photography World” workshopand“Portrait Masterclass”tointernational schools and colleges, he has alsobeen theartist in residenceat a number of establishments including No 10Downing Street and the Oxford and Hay on Wye Literary Festivals. Hillary Clinton has one of his Afghanistan charcoal portraits and he has published two books for the British Museum.