This year’s competition was of a particularly high standard with many speeches heart-felt and passionate in delivery. Quite a few dealt with kindness and tolerance towards others and ourselves. Amongst the speeches, Benjy Lamb won with ‘Seeing Through the Fog’ about his experiences with his autism. Of particular note were also Sophie Brown, who spoke very well on the importance of being an individual in a speech entitled ‘Girls Don’t Fart’, Verity Edwards discussing the social hierarchy and her experience of this in her own schooling, and Jack Coombs exploring the British education system and its potential problems.

The team performances were also very strong. Mead won for their tight teamwork, including appearing hair down, top buttons undone and shirts untucked to establish the point Katie was about to make in her speech about not judging a book by its cover. Tower and Hatherley also put in impressively cohesive team performances, as did Brook Court (with added quirkiness!).