This year’s Junior House Public Speaking Competition saw an eclectic and compelling range of topics. Pupils delivered speeches,including: ‘We are all the better for balance’; ‘Is charity a force for good?’; ‘Science Fiction: more fiction than fact’; ‘Corrected Culture: has political correctness gone too far?’; ‘Is abolishing the private school system the answer to inequality?’; ‘Should we be a more gender fluid society?’ and ‘Are teachers the reason for more child sexual abuse cases?’. There were some outstanding performances and the standard generally was considered to be the best in memory. Sydney Davies was adjudged Best Speaker for her speech entitled ‘How far is too far?’ which was an intriguing discussion of society’s obsession with ‘selfies’ and the sometimes disastrous consequences of this past time. George Richards was deservedly judged ‘Best Vote of Thanks’ and Tilly Amess gave an extremely polished performance in winning ‘Best Chair’. It was a very difficult decision to find a winner between Mead and Dale as both sides were strong in all speaking positions, but in the end the girls triumphed with Mead adjudged ‘Best Team. Congratulations go to Sydney Davies, Tilly Amess and Alice Howitt for their excellent performances.