We have been busy looking after our Key Workers’ Children over the past few weeks here at Dean Close School, and despite everything, we have had a lot of fun!

Many of our Key Worker parents have contacted us to say:

‘…Thank you for giving our children so much care and a sense of stability…’

And to tell us that their children have:

‘…Absolutely loved it in school…’

‘… loved their week at the holiday club for key workers’ children, especially the pirate theme…”


And who can blame them… The Children have:

  • Made Pizza from scratch!
  • Had a boat race with their very own hand-made boats at Forest School
  • Been on a spring Nature Trail around school grounds
  • Made clay bugs….

The list goes on!

This is an outstanding effort from all of our staff at Dean Close who are enabling our Key Workers to continue the fight against COVID-19.