In Kindergarten our topic has been ‘Ourselves’ and on the Thursday before half term the children were invited to come dressed as someone they would like to be when they grow up. It was lovely to see what exciting jobs they would like to do when they are older including a vet, fire fighters, a computer worker, doctors, a racing car driver, a princess, a builder, a policeman and a golf pro.

During the morning we also looked at some other professions including working in a café, a building site, an artist’s studio and a bakery. We were very lucky to have visits from several professionals who gave the children an insight into what their job involves. Carlos’ mummy told us what it was like to be a musician and play in an orchestra. She played her flute and oboe and we guessed what music she was playing. Joseph’s daddy is a vet and showed us some of the things he does when he looks after poorly animals and helps to make them better. We enjoyed looking at the X Rays and guessing what part of the body it was.

We were also very lucky that the fire engine visited our school and the fire fighters showed the children some of the equipment they use when they are putting out fires or helping people. We were very excited when they let us try on their helmets and jackets, and let us climb into the cab. We even used the hoses to spray water, pretending to put out a real fire. At the end of the morning we had a lovely picnic lunch, before resuming our training in ‘growing up’!