This week Pre-Prep went back in time to medieval Great Britain to discover what it might have been like to live in a castle hundreds of years ago. Pupils and staff came dressed as princes, princesses, knights, ladies, kings and queens, even a jester – to participate in Castle Day.

The children had a fantastic day learning historical facts and great fun putting literacy and numeracy skills to the test by completing a number ofchallenges to help a knight find his weapons and completing a knights and castles word search. They enjoyed a delicious medieval banquet followed by some wonderful courtly dancing to the tune of ‘Greensleeves’, and finally built a huge castle in the hall, complete with drawbridge, turrets, portcullis and arrow slits!

Headmistress, Dr Carolyn Shelley, said “This is a wonderful way of bringing learning to life. The children have had a fantastic day and impressed me with their amazing dance and with all the facts they have learnt!”