Annual Acoustic Night Enthralls Audience with Diverse Talent

The annual Acoustic Night event, held in the Helen Porter Hall, proved to be a resounding success as it showcased an array of musical talents, drawing a growing audience and boasting a diverse lineup of performers. The event, known for its intimate and soulful performances, featured both seasoned artists and new faces who took the stage with passion and courage.

The show opened with a mesmerizing rendition of 'Slow Dancing in a Burning Room' by John Mayer, performed by Luca Holland on vocals and Tommy Holgreaves on guitar. The evening unfolded with a rich tapestry of songs spanning different eras and genres, showcasing the versatility of the performers.

Among the standout acts was the duo of Alice Montgomery (vocals) and

Andy Rushton (guitar) presenting 'Put Your Records On' by Corinne Bailey Rae. Fenella Troughton delivered a powerful performance of Tina Turner's 'River Deep, Mountain High' with vocals and acoustic guitar.

The audience was treated to a mix of instruments and vocal talents, including Noah Brush on piano and vocals with 'This Year's Love' by David Gray, and Phoebe Wu's acoustic rendition of The Killers' 'Read My Mind.'

The diversity continued with Antonia Billington (vocals), belting out Nelly Furtado's 'Maneater,' and Rosie Thomas and Charlotte Jenkins delivering a captivating mashup of 'The Night We Met' and 'Fine Line.'

Other notable performances included Justin Slade's soulful rendition of 'New York State of Mind' by Billy Joel, and the harmonious collaboration of Veni Nembang, Gabi Rogers, enchanting the audience with 'For Good' from Wicked.

The night concluded with a stellar lineup, featuring renditions of songs like 'Best Part' by Daniel Caesar, 'Woodstock' by Eva Cassidy, 'Going to California' by Led Zeppelin, and the bold choice of 'Toxic' by Britney Spears, delivered flawlessly by Alexa Ellison and Andy Rushton on guitar.

The event reached its pinnacle with a grand finale featuring Tom Bowen on vocals, Seb Friessner-Day on bass, Marceau Coppard on sax, Isaac Hanfry on piano, and Joe Parks on percussion, collectively presenting George Michael's 'Kissing a Fool.'

The Acoustic Night once again proved to be a celebration of musical talent, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating next year's edition with even greater anticipation.