"Anything Goes" Takes the Stage: A Musical Extravaganza!

The drama production 'Anything Goes' took centre stage during the final week of the Michaelmas Term, showcasing enchanting performances, wonderful music, and heartfelt moments in this year's school musical...

This year's highly anticipated school musical, "Anything Goes," marked its triumphant entrance onto the illustrious stage of the Bacon Theatre in December. Situated within the esteemed Dean Close School, this enchanting production unfolded as a harmonious blend of dance, song, and slapstick comedy, brought to life by the collaborative efforts of sixty talented students.

While special accolades are justifiably bestowed upon the stars of the show – Antonia as

Reno, Isaac as Billie, Martha as Hope, Tom as Evelyn, and Cam as Moonface – the entire ensemble deserves commendation. Each member, through their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, played a vital role in creating the collective magic that was "Anything Goes."

The captivating dance numbers, executed with finesse by the Angels, dancers, and the entire ensemble, injected the production with a vibrant energy. Mrs. Halliday's adept choreography earned well-deserved acclaim, showcasing the synchronized prowess of the cast. Mr. Franks' exceptional band maintained an irresistible rhythm, providing the perfect musical backdrop for the performers. The vocal performances reached a caliber befitting any West End theatre, immersing the audience in a truly captivating experience.

Alexa, portraying Erma, left an enduring impression with her rendition of "Buddy Beware," underscoring the remarkable talents of the

cast. The hope is that these talented individuals, both stars and ensemble, will continue to flourish in the realm of musical theatre.

Beyond its artistic triumph, the production achieved a commendable social impact by raising an impressive £1865 for the Papyrus charity. Papyrus is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing young suicide and providing support for those dealing with suicidal thoughts. The audience's generous contribution to this cause adds a profound layer of significance to the success of "Anything Goes," turning the musical into a force for positive change.

Kudos extend to all involved, both on stage and behind the scenes. Gabi and Jacob demonstrated exemplary stage management skills under the discerning guidance of Miss Dickens, while Jake, overseeing the lighting desk under Mr. Humphries' supervision, performed admirably. The collaborative spirit and creative prowess of the Dean Close School community were evident, making "Anything Goes" a highlight in the director's career. Here's to anticipating many more exceptional productions in the future, each potentially leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and the causes they support.

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