Dean Close Fun at the Literature Festival

This year's Cheltenham Literature Festival saw Dean Close pupils actively participating in various events across different departments, contributing their unique perspectives and engaging in insightful conversations.

Cheltenham, October 23, 2023 - Nestled in the heart of Cheltenham, Dean Close School finds itself uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the vibrant cultural tapestry that this charming town offers. The central location of our school allows us to readily partake in the renowned Cheltenham Festivals, with the Cheltenham Literature Festival being no exception. This year, our students had the privilege of not just attending, but actively participating in this celebrated literary event across various departments, showcasing their talents and enriching their education in a dynamic way.


Cheltenham Education Partnership 'Spill the Tea' Interview

As part of the Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP), Dean Close School Pupils were invited to engage in the  the 'Spill the Tea' interview featured wildlife photographer and Strictly star, Hamza Yassin. Our pupils, Ezra and Immy, had the opportunity to ask Hamza questions alongside students from other Cheltenham CEP schools. The event provided an exciting platform for students to explore the world of wildlife photography and celebrity experiences.

In the 'Student Takeover' podcast, Max, Sofiia, and Ezra shared their personal stories in the context of 'My Story, My Strength,' discussing how their uniqueness empowers them. Alongside fellow Cheltenham CEP pupils, they were joined by author Lennina Ofori and inclusivity campaigner Charli Clement, delving into the idea that individual experiences can contribute to building a better society.


MFL Visit to Cheltenham Literature Festival

Upper and Lower Sixth Form pupils studying French A-level embarked on a cultural adventure at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Renowned biographer Justine Picardie and V&A curator Oriole Cullen fielded thought-provoking questions from our pupils. The event was aimed to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills, crucial for their Individual Research Projects.



Tutor Group Book Club

As part of the 5th Form tutor sessions, we have organized a book club over the past year. Each term, a

member of the group selected a book, which was read by the rest of the tutor group, leading to lively discussions over a hot school breakfast. The club's recent choice was Eleanor Catton's bestseller, 'Birnam Wood.' Some of the book club members had the chance to meet Eleanor Catton at the festival, fostering their love for literature and encouraging active participation.



English Trip Behind the Scenes

A select group of A-Level students was granted a unique behind-the-scenes experience of the festival during a special lunch hosted in the VIP Lounge at Montpellier Park. Head of Programming, Nicola Tuxworth, provided insight into running the festival and engaged students in a dynamic dialogue. An added highlight was Nicola's generous offer to secure a ticket for a sold-out event called the 'New Cold War' for Jemimah Workneh, catering to her specific interests.

These events at the Cheltenham Literature Festival not only showcased the talents and dedication of Dean Close pupils but also enriched their knowledge and understanding across various academic and cultural domains. It is evident that Dean Close School encourages its students to embrace diversity and explore their individual strengths, fostering a love for learning beyond the classroom.

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