Diving into Discovery: Exploring Coral Reefs with Global Reef on Earth Day 2024

What an amazing time we have had this week in Pre-Prep and Prep as we embarked on an extraordinary adventure alongside Marine Biologist, Piers Baillie from Global Reef. Over two exhilarating days, pupils from Reception to Year 8 delved deep into the wonders of the ocean's most biodiverse ecosystems, discovering the magic and importance of coral reefs firsthand.

Piers led a series of captivating and interactive workshops, unveiling the secrets of coral reefs. From the intricate symbiotic relationships between corals and marine life to the vital role these ecosystems play in supporting a quarter of the world's marine organisms, pupils were entranced by the wealth of knowledge and outstanding photography shared.

As the workshops unfolded, pupils eagerly immersed themselves in the learning experience, asking thought-provoking questions that sparked lively discussions. From the classroom to the depths of the ocean, their curiosity knew no bounds, fuelling a passion for marine conservation.

But the adventure didn't end there! Armed with virtual reality headsets, some pupils were given the opportunity to embark on a virtual dive into the heart of the underwater world. Children got to dive with schools of fish around deep pinnacles, swim with sharks from the Andaman sea, visit a coral restoration site and WW2 wreck in Koh Tao, and duck down as a stingray passed overhead. A truly unique opportunity creating memories that will no doubt last a lifetime.

Thank you, Piers and Global Reef, for making our 2024 Earth Day celebrations an event we won’t forget.